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In truth, there’s no good explanation for what Mike’s Gone Fishin’ is about. It started as a way to torture my working friends after my retirement and subsequent escape to the woods of Chatham County, North Carolina, but has evolved into a personal scatter shot of fly fishing, essay, poetry, photography, outdoor living, indoor reflections, silliness, heartbreak, and, well, just about anything else that life feels like throwing my way. I suppose you could call it my way of throwing things back.

Stick around, I promise that I'll try my best to insure that it's never dull. Fly fisherman's honor...

... if such a thing actually exists.

Mike Sepelak
February 4, 2015
Deep in the Woods of Chatham County, NC


  1. I do enjoy your blog. I live my fishing fantasies through you. I used to fish in a distant time and place. I am an old guy who ended up with two young kids. maybe one day when their older and if I still have anything left in the tank, I will see another trout sip in my offering or feel the rush of that largemouth annihilating my bug. ciao

  2. Always to great pleasure to visit your blog Mike...a lot more than a fishing blog!(: JP

  3. Seeing as how April 2013 has slipped by without an update to the comments here; historically you've enjoyed annual April reaffirmations of your outside enjoyment; I will then add to 2013 a May confirmation and maybe, begin a new month of affirmation.

    Mike, your writing is not lax, except -as for most of us- a greater audience. Should that occur, I am quite sure the enjoyment would also be on an equal; likely much grander; scale already absorbed by current readers.

    Keep up the fine writing, informative photos and the touch of one who deeply and passionately does not take themselves serious, but writes of ideas/ideals/concepts worthy of the deepest of sincerity.

    As you were ... we await your next 'never boring' installment.

    - les


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