Monday, May 30, 2011

The Photo Bin - May 2011

May 6th: Save 15%...

This month's trio of odd shots could be called the Backyard Creature Collection - except that the first two were actually taken in the front. There's always something interesting going on around here.

We found the five-lined skink, above, tucked into a deteriorating tree stump just off the front porch on what was perhaps the final cool spring morning - so cool that the little guy was sluggish enough to let me handle him. As he warmed in my hand he quickly considered his position and bolted back to his hiding place. We appreciated capturing this cameo.

May 21st: See Ya Again in Thirteen Years

For the past several weeks, our woods have been ringing with a sound that resembles the descent of the mother ship in a bad B-grade science fiction flick. At it's peak you could not hold a conversation without raising your voice a few decibels. The sound has been produced by the above bug - he and a few million of his cicada friends. Magicicada Brood XIX - the thirteen year cicada - and they are everywhere. Estimates range from 100,000 to 1 million bugs per acre, so here in the 900 Acre Wood that's a lot of noisy critters. Very cool, but very annoying after the first few weeks. Oh well, I guess it can be endured once every thirteen years.

May 4th: FEED ME!!!

And finally, a poor shot, technically, but an interesting look into the bluebird house. These guys have since departed and a new nest is in the works by a second pair. It's always fun to see the bluebirds around, though I tire of them fighting their reflections in my truck's windows and pooping on the doors. Silly birds.

So, another Photo Bin's in the books. I hope you enjoyed yet another glimpse into my world. It's never, ever dull.


Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

Very nice! Makes me thing Spring Time

cofisher said...

Very nice photos Mike. I especially like the birds.

HighPlainsFlyFisher said...

Best pic I've seen of one of the Cicadas currently touring the country. Those are some ugly bugs for sure! Still havn't seen them here in the midwest in large numbers but I think I'll tie up a few patterns just in case....Jeff

Mike Sepelak said...

Kevin, Spring is gone. Today's forecast is 98, tomorrow 96. Then we get a couple of cool days at 93 until the heat comes back next weekend. Ugh!

Cofisher, The birds are very cool. A new clutch of eggs is already in the same bird house. I'll keep an eye on them.

HighPlains, Glad to give you a good model. I've watched the largemouths in our pond occasionally suck one down but my best efforts to match them have gone uneaten. Hope you do better.

e.m.b. said...

"Backyard Creature Collection"...taken in front. I love it! That cicada photo is spectacular!

Trout MaGee said...

Wow those are some great pics of nature. That Skink is awesome. Never seen one before. I heard the Cicadas will actually be back next year! Just Kidding ;) 98 Degrees :( I would be one miserable cuss if the weather was that hot here. Tight Lines.

Dan Short said...

Very nice Mike. Your photography skills are almost a match for your writing skills.