Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Photo Bin - October 2013

I've been up to my ears in pictures, these past couple of days, putting together a slideshow to present to my buddies at this month's gathering of our local Trout Unlimited chapter. I've enjoyed a particulary fun and varied fishing year, so far, and hoped to rub their noses in it entertain the membership with some colorful images and a few mostly-true stories.

The pitch was organized chronologically and needed some transition images to move things along from month to month. Being the digital graphics wizard that I am, I used what I know best.

Yellow stickies.

The results were fun, I think. Dark Sharpie® scribbles on faded Post-its®, slapped randomly on various items lying here about the office. Start to finish, an hour well spent.

So since the fall colors have been a real bust, here 'bouts, I forfeit this month's bin and fill it instead with these colorful little vignettes, these dated keyhole peeks into my surroundings.

I hope you don't mind.


Dan B said...

That's pretty clever, actually. I looked before I read and thought you DID digitally create a "post it" graphic layer and was admiring the realism. (I do that kind of stuff for a living, so my mind immediately went there).

Mike Sepelak said...

"Clever" is kind, Dan. I'm really just stupid simple. THANKS for stopping by.

Oh, and I LOVE the Driftless! I need to get back there next year, for dang sure.

cofisher said...

No Mike, I buy clever as well. Or am I just really stupid?

Mike Sepelak said...

Howard, upon my lawyer's advise I invoke my fifth amendment rights.... :-)