Monday, November 23, 2015


We twisted the skiff into the cool morning mists and put it on plane towards Junkman’s Turn and the bridges. Charlie spun his Ranger the other way and headed up Beaver to see what he could find. Birds first, then, hopefully, bait underneath them. And stripers. They were out there somewhere.

Not knowing the protocol, I asked Troy when we should call Charlie in case we found fish. If we catch one?

No. Might be a stray. A single cruising. No need to call till we know more.


Probably not. Could just be a small fast moving pod. We don't want to bring him all the way here for nothing.

Three, then. Should we call if we catch three?

Hell no! If they’re bustin’, we ain’t wastin’ no time on the damn cell phone. We're fishin'!

Just so we're clear.