Monday, February 1, 2010

The Run

Warning: Professional driver on closed course. Don't try this at home. Unless, that is, you too happen to have 400 yards of icy hill running by your place.

If you can't fish, you might as well have some fun. My thanks to Mary for holding on to the camera with one hand, sort of, and trying to hold on to me with the other. She's a trooper.

And I'm glad she told me to "stay out of the woods" half-way down. I would never have thought of that myself.


Anonymous said...

Lol! What a hoot! :-) The best moments: when the camera turns sideways and when the bystander goes whizzing by. I haven't laughed so hard for a week.

Feather Chucker said...

Great vid, that looked like a long run.

NW said...

Nice vid of the ride down! I shared in a much different ride today with my father-in-law. He now can ride hills that you and I cannot comprehend and can fish whenever and wherever he wants and catch everything.

Mike Sepelak said...


My sincerest of condolences. I suspect that your ride was a bit bumpy but I hope that it ended with a slow, graceful glide to its final rest. With luck, your father-in-law will run into my dad amongst those incomprehensible hills for, to be sure, dad will know all the best fishin' holes by now.

Hold your family tight during these tough times.


Bigerrfish said...

That was just plain funny!!!