Monday, June 14, 2010

Spring Picture Sampler

You'd Better Look UP Too

I'm afraid that there’s not been much fishing going on around here the past couple of weeks. Entertaining visiting family, keeping up with an oddly busy social calendar, and playing in a Masters soccer tournament (Masters is a sports euphemism for old men who should know better) have kept me plenty busy the past several days, but have also trashed my fishing time.

And today, after four games in ninety-plus-degree heat over a thirty-hour stretch this weekend, my body is trashed too. All I have in me is the energy to sit here at the desk.

The good news is that it gives me a chance to go through the pictures that have accumulated on my cameras over the past several weeks and that’s always fun. So, in lieu of fishing adventures, I thought I’d share a handful of these images.

Boarer Bee, Sampling our Deck

Don't Know What They Are, But They're Pretty

Natural Lace

More Natural Lace

Getting Ready in the Back Yard


Sammy's Hatin' His Post-Surgery Poodle Leg

Our Backyard Friend

Another Reptilian Neighbor

Hey, That's No Bass!!!!

That's Enough Pics. Time to Chill.

Hope that you enjoyed the break. I’ll be back in the water very soon. It's that or go crazy. But I need my legs to work again before I do. It's a bitch getting old.

Masters, indeed.


Feather Chucker said...

Nice pics Mike. Dave and I hit the Haw saturday morning. We were talking about the lack of big fish when about a 5lb monster breached and pounced no more than 10ft right in front of us. It could have been a carp but it's coloring looked just like a bass. Dave thought it was a bass too. Needless to say we cast at the spot where the fish was for 10min. Something that never leads to anything but something you have to do or you'll regret it.

Fair Weather Fisher said...

Bleeding hearts I believe. Nice pics Mike.