Monday, October 4, 2010


Even the old folks never knew
Why they call it like they do
I was wondering since the age of two
Down on Copperline

Copper head, copper beech
Copper kettles sitting side by each
Copper coil, cup o'georgia peach
Down on Copperline

Half a mile down to Morgan Creek
Leaning heavy on the end of the week
Hercules and a hog-nosed snake
Down on copperline
We were down on copperline

Copperline - James Taylor (1991)

We were down on Copperline, chasing copperbacks - 'dem golden bones - fat, feisty common carp. Fishing in what was once backwoods Carolina, moonshine country, for what many consider trash fish, in white trash surroundings, pardon the affectionate derogation. Just felt right.

If only the fish had cooperated. Maybe next time. 'Till then, if you please, kindly pass along that there mason jar.


Ryan said...

Great song and under-rated fish!

The Average Joe Fisherman

Michael Agneta said...

Sorry the fish didn't behave, hope the moonshine did.