Friday, March 11, 2011

A Fishing Day Saved

This was supposed to be a post about the dozens of hickory shad that the Professor and I boated during our mid-week assault on the Roanoke River near Weldon.  Unfortunately, the Corp of Engineers bollixed up my publishing schedule by pinching that waterway’s flow to a mere 2,200cfs, exposing rocks seldom seen and turning our intended day’s float into a brief boat ramp drive-by. It was a long drive for a short look.

To salvage the day, we returned home and plunked the skiff back into the Eno for a second shot at the local white bass.  Here, then, are a trio of shots from a day nicely saved, chasing whites.

Thanks, Professor, for a fine day on the water. We'll get back for those shad soon enough.


cofisher said...

They're good to eat too!

Kirk Mantay said...

We were on the VA side of the Chowan tribs this weekend, looking for shad and herring (and honestly, striper). With the cloudy water, they were just not around. We did manage a few crappie (caught deep on structure) and largemouth (caught shallow against a dropoff).