Monday, April 18, 2011

Back On Home Waters

I could stand it no longer. Spring is in full riot and my river has been completely unfishable. Regular rains have kept the flow high and the waters dirty – conditions not particularly conducive to my wading habits. But the itch finally demanded scratching and the USGS’s website showed potentially marginal level and flow. That was close enough for me. I headed down the path, bass rod in hand.

Forgot my belt and gravel guards.
Scraped a leak into my waders clearing a trail blow down.
Found the river higher and muddier than I'd hoped.

Felt the wind pick up to gale force as I reached my favorite stretch.
Regretted not bringing some dark, bottom bumping Marauders.
Saw, felt, caught no fish.
Zero, zip, nada.

Tripped over a submerged log that was not there before the last “high tide”.
Went in to my chin.
Soaked everything, including the cell phone in my shirt pocket.
(Did I mention that I forgot its waterproof case along with the belt and guards?)
Fried it.

Sloshed back up the path.
Returned home bruised, wet, skunked and incommunicado.

Damn it's good to be back on home waters again.

On a more serious note, my thoughts and prayers go out to those around the state, and the nation, who have lost so much in the recent storms.


Michael said...

You know what they say. A bad day fishing,......Ah I remember the days when I had to hike back to my truck just in my wet underwear..ah those were the days

Jay said...

Glad to hear you survived the storms. You need a waterproof phone. I got one and love not having to worry about it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Mike, after my recent loss of my iPhone (under similar circumstances) I totally feel your pain!

Matt Smythe said...

Nothing finer than a good dunk to start the season off right. Nice post!