Saturday, September 3, 2011

Two Monkeys Walk Into a Bar

We reached a point during our last night at the Elk Lake Camp that every joke opened with the phrase “Two monkeys walk into a bar.” What followed may or may not have made sense with that particular opening line - it usually didn't - but you can be sure that it was uproariously funny and unrepeatable here.

Fish camp evenings - particularly when the week's fishing is done and the next day’s agenda reads clean up and depart - get a bit, well, sloppy.

Playing "Match the Hatch" with lantern-landing bugs

If we cooked it, it got RedHotted

The Morning After

Anyone missing an antler?

I woke up the next morning unable to account for sore ribs until I realized that I had simply laughed too hard and too long the night before. I could, however, account for the fuzzy head.

You see, these two monkeys walked into a bar...


Sanders said...

Yep...those two monkeys were working pretty hard that night :-)


Clif said...

Don't let Yukon see that High Life can, he'll be on your case for months.

cofisher said...

Best post yet. I know two monkeys that had a great time.

owl said...

Actually, it was about 7 monkeys but hey - who's counting? :) LOL

Ivan said...

Mike - I won't be too hard on you about the High Life can because I can't be so sure that it's yours. Just know that High Life tastes best when guzzled out of a clear glass bottle. That ends my High Life rant.

Thanks for the call out Clif.

Mike Sepelak said...

Ivan, good call. The High Life can wasn't mine. What you don't see in any of the pics is a handful of Moose Drool bottles. Better than it sounds.

And Howard, 'dem two monkeys, and their friends, certainly did.

Ivan said...

Mike - Moose Drool is an excellent choice. Most of Big Sky's brews are quite delicious.

Chris said...

The punchlines that came to mind as I looked at that photo... it was a great time. And, it's just ice cream.