Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baja Blasted

Home. Finally. Fried. No. Refried.

LAX-to-RDU redeye roasted. Beached triggerfish toasted. Baked as deep and dry as the parched arroyos that criss-cross beneath Mexico Highway 1, running down the rugged, scoliotic spine of the Baja Peninsula.

Slow-cooked, forsooked, over-booked, totally fooked, tired. Y tengo un dolor de cabeza.

Home with an odd number of socks, funny lookin' money, and a notebook full of scribbles that are oddly familiar but utterly illegible. That's okay. I never worry much about the details. It's easier that way.

So get ready. There's tequila-tainted tales to tell.

But, I'm afraid that they'll have to wait for a good night's sleep, or two, and for me to clear the big red oak that fell across the driveway in my absence.

Bienvenido a casa, amigo. Welcome home.

Refried. I'm tellin' ya.


Fontinalis Rising said...

Very cool. Can't wait to see the rest.

Unknown said...

I would tell you that I feel sorry for you.... but I don't. I envy such a trip and from the bedside decor It looks like a great one.. Nurse the jetlag and hangover and get ready to spin some yarns.

Kirk Mantay said...

Jealous. Visited Baja for the last time in January 2006. Miss it. Looking forward to the stories and images.