Friday, June 5, 2015

The Photo Bin - May 2015

I've been a bit of a slug, here of late. No major reason, but the phrase "death from a thousand cuts" keeps coming to mind. Little things. Small loses. Change. But I'm coming to realize that it's part of the process; why visits with aging parents turn into discussions of flagging health, old landmarks bulldozed, and who's passed this month. Yesterday's gone. We don't have to like it but it's best to make peace with it and do the best that we can with what's next.

For life, and photo bins, go on.

So if the big picture seems bleak, look for a small one and work your way back up. A new batch of praying mantises appeared on the porch the other day. Cute little guys, in a close encounters sort of way. (For reference, the pink petals of this trailing vinca are about an inch from stem to tip.)

It helps to stay busy and creative. I fish and dabble with my camera and pen. Mary tends a garden, does a little writing of her own, and creates fantastic weavings from natural materials. Here a willow bark basket, made the other day, supple and soft as a fine piece of leather. I simply love her work.

And friends. Always friends. Even if they regularly kick your ass on the water with their funky ties and color selections. Even if they wear Duke hats. (Yes, I know. If it ain't chartreuse, it ain't no use.)

And always, always embrace the new. Our Sammy's gone now, but Zeppelin's here. His introduction to you all is long overdue as he's been with us for more than a year. A beautiful Aussie, sweet of nature and with energy to burn. I swear that he sheds a small animal's worth each day but that's small price to pay for the companionship he's given us. He's the dog of the house now and we couldn't be happier.

Well, I guess that's it. Big month on tap so it's time to shake these doldrums and get on with living. Stick around. Maybe there'll be more interesting pics and I won't whine so much in the next photo bin.


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Feather Chucker said...

Dang man! That is a beautiful dog. My family is on the lookout for a dog. Haven't found one I think would be good fit. I keep hoping to run across a abandoned puppy on the road.

Unknown said...

Great stuff as usual.

cofisher said...

Great photos Mike and farewell Sammy, hello Zeppelin!

Mike Sepelak said...

Zep's a peach, Kevin. Only hiccup is that he likes to herd small children. It's his shepherding nature.

Thanks, Mike. Bring home good stuff from Yellowstone, my friend.

Life has become farewells and hellos, these days, Howard. You just gotta roll with it. Cheers!