Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome to Chatham County - First Edition

From the Chatham Chatlist #3519 - Sept 29, 2009:

Subject: Need a rat/corn/etc snake

I need a snake. Corn snake, rat snake, green snake, hognose whatever, any non-poisonous. Its for something I'm doing with my grand kids. The snake will not be harmed and will be released the same day (or returned). No black racers, too ornery for kids.


Living out here in God's country, Chatham County, we get our local news from some interesting, non-traditional sources. Perched squarely astride the fence between technology and organic agriculture, the Chatham Chatlist is one of my favorites. A daily emailed list of items submitted by residents from around the county, it's an ecclectic jumble of grass roots news items, want adds, commentary, informal advertising, and local information.

With permission from the Chatlist, I will pass along an occassional post, like the one above, that shows just why I love living here.


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