Friday, October 16, 2009

To My New Fishing Buddy

You don't know it yet, young master Carter, but your grandpa is ready to take you fishing. Yes, he knows you are only a few hours old, but don't worry. He'll wait.

Grandpa wants you to enjoy this time when all that is important in life is that you eat heartily, sleep soundly, and poop with gusto. (In truth, he envies you this simple existence). But as soon as your world expands, you and he can get started. You can begin with Dr. Suess' One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, except that in Grandpa's version the redfish are tailing and the bluefish are swimming happily in bait balls with their playmates Manny Mackeral and Fattie Albie.

When you are old enough to take to the lake, Grandpa has a Zebco all ready for those first bluegill and when you start school he has spinning tackle that will widen your fishing horizons along side your educational ones. And, when the time is right, he'll have the fly rods. (Grandma already thinks he has enough for the two of you, but we'll see). They will take you and Grandpa to some pretty special places and provide you some life affirming moments; hiking, camping, standing in clear mountain water, enjoying the majesty of our natural heritage. Grandpa and your parents may have some work to do to keep these places untouched for you and your generation, but it's an effort well worth undertaking.

Grandpa looks forward to the day when you and he will fish as peers, sharing the water as friends, outside of any patriarchal barriers. And, in time, perhaps, the tables will turn and you will be the one taking Grandpa fishing. A graceful transition, the transfer of maturity and ability that we all must endure. He'd only ask that you do the same, one day, with your son, and his.

But in the event that fishing does not turn out to be what you wish to do, that other interests bring you more joy, that's okay too. Grandpa only asks that you be happy with your life and joyful in your moments. It's the very best he could wish for you.

Welcome, grandson.



This picture sure beats butterflies, lizzards and trout. And especially spiders (although that is an incredible photo.) I’m really happy for you Mike.

Though not stated so eloquently, I had those same thoughts with the arrival of my two daughters, but as I feared at the time, their interests went elsewhere. I had to wait for the grandkids. WOW, what a difference! Our pond is nowhere up to Geezers standards, but the lazy afternoons I’ve spent with Gracie, Grant and a tub of nightcrawlers...were worth the wait.


Anonymous said...

Have to say that this blog entry caused a tear to be shed by both Carter's Mommy and Daddy. I look forward to the day Carter returns from a trip with his Grandpa and he recounts all of the adventures they shared!