Monday, March 8, 2010

The Geezer and the Brown

I gotta give the Geezer his due.

We have been trying to make this trip for months but have been thwarted time and time again by weather or the contrivances of life. Finally, Monday, the stars aligned and Geezer introduced me to a simply beautiful stretch of water, high along the north fork of the New River in Ashe County.

The stream runs through a stretch of private land, part of the grounds of a marvelous bed and breakfast that the Geez frequents and has cultivated an easy going, friendly relationship with. We were welcomed warmly by the caretaker, and later by the propriatoress, and that fine hospitality insured that someday, no doubt, I will find my way back for a longer visit.

The stream was a half-mile stretch of varied water, 50-60 yards wide, and mostly of a comfortable wading depth and pace. Interspersed rapids and pools provided lots of varied trout habitat. It was running slightly stained, and very cold, as recent snows were melting and finding their way into the streambed. The water’s color was not a problem, but its temperature seemed to slow the fishing considerably.

Despite the chill, the Geezer managed to catch a couple of fine trout, the only two fish of the day, a nice twenty inch brown, pictured here, and an even bigger rainbow. We’d have photographed the ‘bow as well were it not for my fumble fingered early release. (Sorry Geez.) I tugged with a nice fish for several seconds before getting the slip, and that was about it for me. The Geezer outclassed me this day.

And it's worth mentioning that the Geezer caught both fish on the moffitt system - no hook involved. Very interesting and, as you can see, very effective.

So, since I booted the rainbow before we could photograph it, you get two pics of the brown instead - one from the Geez's camera, one from mine. As much as I love my Olympus, I've been concerned that somehow it makes my fish look smaller than they really are. With this comparison, I now see that the Geezer's camera has the same defect.

Thanks Geez, for inviting me along for a fine day on some beautiful, but chilly, water. I enjoyed the fishing and the company. Now, I just gotta work on the catching part.

So, when are we going back?


Anonymous said...

We're goin' back when the weather and the water warms up.

Lupo said...

Nice fish. Sounds like a nice stretch of water.

Bigerrfish said...

Now thats an awesome Brown!! Ive been jaming through your blog and find that you love to fish and take pictures... I'll be around..

Mike Sepelak said...

Glad to have you around Bigerrfish!!! Lots of trout on your side, too. Good stuff!!!