Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Watercolors

A brilliant day on Wilson Creek. The fishin' wasn't much to write home about but the early fall watercolors were. So don your magical polarized lenses, click each shot for a larger image, and enjoy nature's liquid artwork.

Perhaps next time there'll be trout images worth adding, but today it didn't matter. Just being out, wading in the masterpiece, was quite enough.

This post brings another to mind, Dragonfly Riffles, from almost exactly one year ago. I guess that this elegant season awakens the art lover in me.


Anonymous said...

Those colors are stunning. That's one thing I miss living here in the desert, the leaves. Thanks for sharing.



It reminded me of the same earlier post Mike. These shots do more than bring out the art lover in you...they bring out the ARTIST.

Blake said...

the first and third shot are stunning