Monday, November 22, 2010

The Fall

We were awakened last night by a deep, soft whump – felt in the pit of our stomachs as much as it was heard – and we puzzled over what it could have been.  This morning it was clear what had happened. Every sourwood, sweetgum, redbud, poplar, and dogwood leaf had conspired and fallen as one, a blanket upon the earth, obscuring driveway and walking paths, woodpiles and birdbaths, gravel roads and stone fences, everything.  And while the fierce oaks and mighty maples still cling tenaciously to their brilliant but fast-fading foliage, today’s gentle autumn breezes have begun to pry loose even those crisp sheets, bringing them to the forest floor like slow gentle rain.

It’s a tantalizing time to walk the woods.

So let me repeat, once again, how much I love it here.

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Anonymous said...

What a funny idea, that of all the leaves falling at made me laugh, again. My mother says there IS one day when they all say, "Jump!" Gorgeous, gorgeous fall photos. I love your resident woodpile-squirrel.

(I have to run off to do some Christmasing. I'll be back to read more later. I see I missed some great posts during my break from the internet. Thanks for your original outlook, creativity, and quirky sense of humor.)