Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving's Gone to the Dogs

Cooper - The Grand Old Man

It's become a happy Thanksgiving tradition to spend the holiday with friends and family at Jo and Dewey’s home on the lake. One of the particular joys of this gathering is the attendance of everyone’s four-legged friends and this year we had them in packs. The house was filled with the festive patter of a dozen folks and their eight canine companions. It was a dog’s day.

Boone, Misha, Emma, Ralph, Alma, Cooper, November and Ruby

It should have been nine pups, but, to his dismay, we left Wilderness Dog Sammy at home, unsure of how our crotchety little terrier would manage a small house full of big dogs. We needn't have worried.

Sleeping Off The Meal

During the weekend there were no fights over dinner bowls, no arguments over places on the furniture or spots on the floor, no territorial disputes, pissing contests, snaps, snarls, or bared teeth. Everyone behaved themselves.

Snoozing Through Another Lions Loss

And the dogs were good too.


Ryan said...

Ha! I love the first pic. Who's the big sweetie! You are!

The Average Joe Fisherman

Clif said...

Looks like they had a bit too much turkey

penbayman said...

That is too good..I love it!!