Friday, June 17, 2011

Fathers and Sons

Summer 1982
Durham, North Carolina
Rice's Farm pond
My father, my son, a Zebco and a few zealous bluegills

Dad, I'm glad that we finally saw eye to eye
Glad that I grew to understand
Wish that those last five years could have been twenty-five

Son, I simply wish I could touch you one more time
Just one more time
I miss watching you grow into the man that I know you would have become
Miss it desperately

Don't let being Fathers and Sons get in the way
of being fathers and sons
Today is more precious than you know

My father, my son
on my mind this weekend

My love goes out to all of our boys - Greg, Freeman, Ben, and Amo, as well as dear Andy.
Thanks for being the fine young men that you are. I'm incredibly proud of each and every one of you.


cofisher said...

Very nice Mike...happy father's day.

Ken G said...

Sad and happy at the same time. That was a tough one to read Mike, so I read it a few times.

Matt Smythe said...

Nice post Mike.
Happy Father's Day.

Steve said...

Great post. Good thoughts to keep in mind this Fathers Day weekend ( as I keep reminding my wife and kids) Fathers DAY is so 1970s... its Fathers Day Weekend..
Cant wait to have some time with me and the kids put aside.

Mike Sepelak said...

Thanks folks.

And Ken, it was a tough one to write, as well. Glad that it touched you.

Happy Fathers Day to everyone!