Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The phone rings. It's Cope.

Whatcha doin'?

Not much. It's hot.

Let's go fishin'. I can leave work early today.

It's 94 freakin' degrees Cope!

Yeah. It'll suck.

Yes. It will. 

What time can you be here?


e.m.b. said...

Hot. Yet, still happy...

Matt Smythe said...

Nice. There's never a good excuse to not fish.

Dustin's Fly Box said...

i hear yeah.. It is a cool day in vegas at 93 degrees

cofisher said...

Damn, I thought this was about me.

Mike Sepelak said...

Sad, but true Erin. Still happy.

Matt, you're absolutely right. Never!

I hear ya, Dustin,and don't know how you do it. But is your dew point 70 degrees? You need gills around here.

Howard, Howard, Howard... It's always about you. :-)

Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

Catch anything?

Mike Sepelak said...

A quartet of small bass and a handful of bluegill that were unlucky enough to hit my #1 hook just right. It was as hot as advertised so the highlight was the post-fishing beverages on the back porch.

Cope Mahagan said...

I'd say the post-fishing beverages and tales are my favorite part of fishing. Only thing missing was the cigars:-)

Ken G said...

Yeah. It'll suck.

Out my way I have what I call Death Marches. Fishing trips that are an absolutely bear.

You wouldn't believe the interest I get in them.

"You guys do know I call them Death Marches for a reason, don't you?"

The more you can guarantee how much it's going to suck, the more interest there is.

Go figure.