Monday, October 31, 2011

The Photo Bin - October 2011

Where the hell have you been, Mike?
This is still a fishing blog, isn't it?
And where have the Photo Bins been lately?

Legitimate questions, all.

Me? I've been right here, busy getting settled into the new surroundings. The to-do list has been, and remains, massive and would make interesting reading on its own. Sadly, I haven't been able to find fishing on it. I have managed to sneak away to the Haw just a couple of times in recent weeks, for a bit of sanity time, but the fly rods have, for all intents and purposes, remained tucked away in their new fishing closet. That should change soon and, hopefully, we can get back to piscatorial business.

As for the Photo Bins, those monthly trios of odds-and-ends images that I began in January, where indeed. The camera has gotten as little use as the fly rods lately and that too must change - starting now with the timely little Halloween pumpkin above.

And speaking of little, I spotted this handful of tiny cayennes, freshly plucked from Mary's new garden, and was struck by their vibrant color. If the wood stove doesn't keep us warm this winter, these babies will.

And finally, keeping little as a theme, the little dog. This image is a bit of a cheat as it was not shot in the past month, obviously, but Wilderness Dog Sammy has been on my mind a lot as of late. Age and its ravages seem to be catching up with the little guy at an ever increasing pace recently and the move has been harder for him to assimilate than it has for us. Maybe old dogs really can't learn new tricks, or at the very least, if given a choice, they'd probably rather not. I stumbled upon this shot, taken of him a couple of years ago, as I rummaged around for images to put on our still-bare walls. It made me smile.

That's what little dogs are for.



e.m.b. said...

Some of the most beautiful things come in small packages...

I'm glad the PhotoBins are back. :)

Sanders said...

Sammy looks right at home in the snow...much more comfortable than our oldest. Glad you are getting settled, but am anxious for you to get back on the water soon. I know the feeling. Cheers!

Steve Zakur said...

That photo could have been taken in the past week up here. Who knew Newtown would get snow before Anchorage. No Power save that from the generator and no intertubes save that from cell phone.

Beautiful pics. One thing about fall and winter, the light is amazing.

Mike Sepelak said...

Thanks Erin. I'm excited about getting back to the Bins. Small packages, indeed.

And Sammy LOVES the snow, Sean, though we get so little of it here. Perhaps that's why...

I thought about that too, Steve. It definitely could have been taken a few states north. And, as you say, you gotta love the light.