Friday, December 30, 2011

Better Light

Have a good time and catch lots of fish.
Oh, we’ll have a good time, but if we catch anything I’ll be damned surprised.

A man out walking one night came upon another on his hands and knees under a street light. 
“What are you doing?” the walker asked. “I’m looking for my watch” came the reply. 
 “Let me help. Where did you drop it?” 
 “I dropped it over in that field.” 
 “Over there? Then why on earth are you looking for it here?” 
 “Because the light’s better, stupid.”

The last outing of 2011. An afternoon spent on the local reservoir with my poker buddy, Dan. I don’t fish lakes much, even though this one is but four miles from the house. Too much water. Too many places for fish to hide. Oh, and no boat. Give me a stream to wade, thank you very much. But his Sea Pro needed to stretch its legs and we had a fine Carolina day to give it its desire – and ours.

Dan’s thoughts were to do some jigging. Find some deep channels – 40, maybe 45 feet of water – and drop some weight in and wait to see if anything wanders by. It is, after all, winter.

But, for a fly fisherman, sitting and watching a jig is torture, even with a beer at your elbow. You want to do something. Fortunately, Dan’s a high-energy guy as well so we cruised the points – I pitching a white and grey clouser on a 350 grain sinking line with my 8wt and he throwing a spinning rod and small gold spoon.

Catch anything? Of course not. The fish were all sitting deep, in the channels, hunkered down for winter. Waiting for jigs. We had no chance fishing the points.

But the light was better.

Did you catch anything?
'Fraid not.
Did you have fun?


cofisher said...

A wise old man once said...but the light was better. Makes sense to me. Thanks Mike.

Steve Z said...

Yeah, I usually fish where the light is good. If I didn't I'd probably only fish half as much.

Sanders said...

A fine way to end the good light.

wishing you all the best in the coming year. Looking forward to our paths crossing again soon.