Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Photo Bin - December 2011

We traveled, this past week, to Mary's roots in the heartland of Indiana. Five gray days, outside, but full of warmth and joy indoors with the moms and dads and brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and cousins and grands of every sort. It's what the holidays are all about.

But for all the merriment inside, my lens was drawn across the wintry fields to the small tableau of structures, visible off our front porch. Farm living, beautifully framed by a majestic stand of hardwoods. Dusky sunset, morning mists, or winter snow - it was a captivating scene in its stark serenity.

As the holidays take you across the country for family, across town for friends, or across the kitchen for another 'nog, may your travels be safe, your heart be light, and the stream of your life be filled with fat and happy trout.

Happy holidays.


cofisher said...

Nice Mike, I was going to guess Ohio. Happy Holidays to you and the family.

Ken G said...

Two minutes from my house, just down the road and that's all you see for miles, and miles and on and on.

It does have a certain beauty in its own way, but it would be nice to see something that towers over the treetops now and then. Other than a corn silo.

Happy Holidays to you and yours Mike.


Back at ya, Mike!! Enjoy the holidays and the Nog!! My fishing starts...tomorrow!!

Brk Trt said...


Happy Holidays

Sanders said...

Thanks for reminding me what home looks like...

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday Season.