Thursday, January 19, 2012

These Woods

What know these woods of our passings?
How could we think they should care?

We’ve done little to deserve their compassion

We've defiled them
Scarred them
Pushed them far from our lives

They should have no use for us

But as I stumble along
Head bowed below bare branches
Gathering tinder for this week’s fires

Fires to warm our now somber home
Fires to pierce the desperate chill in our hearts

These woods comfort me
Embrace me
Soothe me with calm, gentle silence
Wrap me in their blessed endlessness

For man is animal
Like fox and deer and bear
Despite our attempts to deny it
Despite our claim to be more
Man is animal

And these woods embrace all of their innocents
Even the wayward ones

They celebrate our birth with their spring
Energize our life with their summer
Acknowledge our maturity with their fall
And mourn our return to the roots with their winter

And winter is here
Winter is here

So together we mourn a return to the roots
These woods
and I

Friends, I promise that I will not continue to burden you with my sorrow. I simply wish to express a deep gratitude for the wave of thoughts and prayers that has washed over us these past several days. Support such as this holds us up and for that kindness we thank you.

The verse above just wanted to come along.


Jay said...

Beautiful verse.

e.m.b. said...

"It just wanted to come along." And I'm glad you let it. Beautiful.

Chris said...

No burden Mike. None at all.

Love to you and yours.x

cofisher said...

My continued thoughts and prayers Mike. Your verse was beautiful and strikes a cord for me as well.

Josie Ray said...


I just returned to the blogging world after a year's abscence, only to find this unspeakable tragedy in your life. I am SO VERY SORRY, for you, your wife, and your entire family. My heart aches for all of you. Adding you to my daily prayers beginning today. May God care for you ever so tenderly in your pain. Josie Ray (I'm so glad, now, that I came to your site, so that I know to pray. Keep turning toward the light, little by little, as you can.)

Josie Ray said...

p.s. No one's sorrow is a burden to others when it is real and so justifiable. Please pour it out here as much as it helps to do so.

owl said...

I'm very, very sorry to hear about this Mike. Please know that our prayers are with your family.

Tom Sadler said...

No burden Mike, that is what friends are for. Happy to read whatever you care to share. When it works, come fish and we will share the woods.

Ken G said...

So together we mourn a return to the roots
These woods
and I

Remember man that you are dust and to dust you shall return.

As an altar boy I heard that thousands of times as ashes were crossed on foreheads.

Beautiful piece you wrote here Mike. The cycle doesn't stop though it may seem it has.

I also remember standing over squirming newborns as a cross of oil and a handful of water was placed upon their foreheads.

I hope the fires were helpful.

Steve Zakur said...


Sanders said...

Wonderful writing my friend. Thanks for sharing.