Friday, February 10, 2012

Rubbing Noses

Chris is freezing his jiggly parts off in Idaho.
Russ sits home in Wyoming and can only dream of his upcoming getaway to Belize.
Erin's snowed in, deep in the canyons of Colorado. Sean and Howard aren't much better off in town.
Jason's in northern Michigan, God knows why, writing year-end summaries until everything thaws.
Emily has given up and gone skiing in Utah.
Len sits waiting in Wisconsin for the Driftless to be driftless, if you know what I mean.
Ken's stuck watching Illinois snow in the wee hours.
In Arizona, Ben could probably fish, but he's too busy pumping birdshot through his Remington.
Steve's watching bugs do the hoochie in Connecticut and hoping it means that the weather's going to break.
Tom's actually getting some angling done in California, but has to wear silly hats to do it.

I'm in shirtsleeves today, pitching bugs to bass, thinking how nice North Carolina is.

And sending out a little left-handed blog love.


AZWanderings said...

I like it. I'm about to change the no-fishing thing this weekend. It's been far too long.


Chris said...



Well...RD is too busy wading in the pleasant water temps in Utah this winter to make this list! Thank heavens! Got to run...time's a wastin' and browns are bitin'! Heehaw.

Mike Sepelak said...

Glad to hear it Ben. Those of us who can, should.

Right back at ya, Chris, and remember that when you head off to the Bahamas next month.

Fixed, Emily, though you are indeed getting out there. Good for you!

TC/Trout Underground said...

When does hurricane season start again?

Mike Sepelak said...

Well, Tom, there's that. See you battening down the (BWO) hatches.

Sanders said... least we get to live vicariously through this, looking forward to warmer days.


Steve Zakur said...

Fishing tomorrow. I hope.

cofisher said...

I wish you all the fun that NC has to offer.

flyfshrgrl said...

I love that Bass! Nothing like a Bass gorging itself on your own fly at the end of your own rod. Nice!

e.m.b. said...

That is one nice bass, Mike! Snowed in for sure...I have icicles reaching from my gutters to the deck...and just checked the temp...10 degrees. Balmy. ;) Power of positive thinking!

Ken G said...

You nailed it right on the head Mike. Was sitting here last night watching the snow whip past the window. Not much of it, just enough to annoy me. Also went from the 40s to 10 right now, high of 19 today.

As much as I hate winter, I have a car. I don't have to stay here. There are Polish jokes rummaging around in the back of my head regarding this...