Monday, March 5, 2012

Pee, No Poop: Notes on the Countertop

We had to be away for the day and our geriatric terrier could not come along. His "aunties" offered to look in on the little old man throughout the day. Before we departed, Mary left a note on the countertop:
Hi Aunties!
Sammy's food is in the little ziplocs in fridge. We've given him meds and will do 2nd dose when we get home.
Thanks & love you,
M & M & S
We arrived home late to find a contented dog and a handful of updates. From Auntie Robin:
noon report -
15 min outside
Pee, no poop -
a little wobbly -
Below it, from Auntie Jan:
Happy Hour Report -
15 min outside
Poop & Pee - WOOHOO!
We sat on side porch a while enjoying the evening - what a day.
(You have salamander eggs in your pond!)
And finally:
Hey Mary -
Unfrozen chicken & carrots in refridgerator.
So I sit here with the smell of fresh, simmering chicken wafting from the kitchen and I wonder. Has any little dog ever been better cared for? Have any little dog's owners ever been better cared for? Would I wish to live anywhere else? The answers are easy.

Thank you, Aunties. We, all three of us, love ya ...

... and your notes on the countertop.


e.m.b. said...

It's hard to leave these furry family members (for they are that)...but aunties (or sisters, as my case may be)...make it do-able. Although, my sister never leaves chicken and carrots ready and waiting in the fridge...I'll have to talk to her about that!

Phillip said...

Who wouldn't look after that beautiful scrap of life.

Sanders said...

I've always wondered what our dogs think of us keeping score on the number of times they pee and poop during a day...Bridget and I both ask each other if they've done there thing, without fail, every time they go out.

Glad Sammy has some good Aunties that treat him so well...even giving him a happy hour romp around the yard. Must be nice :-)

Brk Trt said...

He's a very lucky guy.

cofisher said...

After reading how Sammy is treated, I expect PETA to kick my door down and take Bubby from us.

Mike Sepelak said...

Family members, indeed, Erin. What would we do without them? And don't be too hard on Sis...

No argument here, Phillip. Thanks for stopping by.

Sanders, we do seem to be fixated on those bodily functions. But you'll find that, as you get older, such things are more and more important... :-)

BT, we should all be so lucky.

And Howard, I think that, with the treatment he gets from his aunties, Sammy probably wishes we'd go away more often. Spoiled rat.

Matt Smythe said...

My wife leaves me the same pee/poop status update in the morning for our dog. I smile every time I read it...especially when she doesn't specify "Took the dog out" before the update.

Nice post, Mike.

Mike Sepelak said...

Thanks for a good chuckle, Matt. Without the "Took the dog out", it's just a little TMI.