Friday, March 30, 2012

The Photo Bin - March 2012

Sometimes you get more than you want expect and this month's bin posting is one of those times. While rummaging through March's photo catalog, looking for the usual trio of misfit pics, a half-dozen emerged as candidates. How to choose? Not surprisingly, given my high degree of self control and uncanny ability to made the hard decisions, I show them all.

Sorry. You're getting a double dose this month.

The image above is a peek into Ned's thread-and-wire box, taken at one of our Monday beer ties. Fun colors and interesting lighting. Always a good combination.

A shot of my favorite girls and Wilderness Dog Sammy, taken during our granddaughter's joyful extended visit. Charlotte and Mary walked the woods, baked bread, visited the neighbor's livestock, and had an all-round jolly old time. Here, they return down the driveway from one of their adventures - Charlotte examining something small that caught her vivid imagination. She did that a lot.

And here is where they were probably coming from - from down the gravel road that leads to civilization - a road I am less and less inclined to travel unless there's a fish or two at the end. As you can see, spring is moving fast, filling the oaks and poplars, maples and sourwoods, providing a crisp green background on which to display the dogwood blossoms. The evening sky ain't bad either.

The girls also spent some time in the "back yard" - a bit of southern exposure perfectly proportioned for our hold on the ridge line and the collection of passive solar energy. It's also just right for a little square-foot gardening - with accommodation, of course, for the local deer population. Yes, I had a little fun with Lightroom.

As you have seen already, I was fascinated with the mists this month. The weather said "spring" with it's mild mornings and early fogs but the woods continued to whisper "winter". The combination of soft air and stark trees provided a dreamy environment, accentuated by the wisps of evergreen and ruddy buds, waiting to explode into color.

To close, an emotional image. Freeman embraced this motto. Live Free. We wear these bands to honor him and to remind ourselves to appreciate each day without reservation. He did. We miss him terribly.

Thank you for your indulgence.


Fontinalis Rising said...

Nice photos Mike. Nice variety. Someone told me to download Lightroom and looking at these I think I will.

Mike Sepelak said...

Thanks, Jason. By all means, check into Lightroom. It's a tremendous image processing tool.. and fun to tinker with, now and again.

Ken G said...

Nice shots Mike. I'm glad that was Lightroom, I thought I might be having a flashback.

I need a place like that. I'm tired of close neighbors.

Steve Zakur said...

Wire. I love wire.

Nice photos, Mike.

Chris said...

I love the misty woods shot, my friend... here's to having next month's photo post riddled with redfish. See you tomorrow!