Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Photo Bin - April 2012

I know, it's only been a couple of weeks since my last "monthly" photo bin. But the rest of April looks to be rather full (more on that in a minute) so I thought I'd sneak this month's edition in early. Besides, there's always an odd image, or three, floating around here to share.

Spring raced through here at a breakneck pace, as though Ma Nature wished to be done with it and move straight to summer with no more than a howdy-do. The trees went from bare to lush, seemingly overnight, but I did manage to shoot the emerging mottle of greens, posed against a crisp Carolina sky - a wisp of the moon for added interest.

And Wilderness Dog Sammy's always good for a cameo. He's been doing reasonably well of late, despite his age and arthritis. We finally seem to have found a decent balance between un-medicated joint pain and drug-induced stupor - a balance which makes for a livelier and more active little guy as well as happier dog owners. Here he's taking an Easter stroll in the yard of our friends' lake house, lookin' for the big dogs.

Finally, in preparation for that "rather full" rest of April, referred to earlier, I've spent a few evenings at the vice, tying a couple of Bugger Barns full of clousers and sliders that I hope will appeal to some South Padre redfish.

Yes, Texas, here I come. You'll be hearing more of that in the days to come.

Consider yourself warned.

Oh, and a spot of Maudite and the Allman Brothers channel on Pandora make the flies fly by nicely.

So, to steal my buddy Tom's post-closing convention, see you on the Gulf.


Unknown said...

I'm interested to hear about your trip to texas. I grew up in Corpus Christi, fished down there since I was a kid. don't know how far south you're going, if you make it to san benito stop by Lonehorn Cattle Co. for some of the best Texas BBQ, ask for Bill or Lisa the owners and my best friends from the ole days.

Ken G said...

So if I say "Whipping Post" does that mean it will be playing in your head all day. I already know the opening of the song is already going through your head.

Better Texas now than mid summer. I'll never do that again.

e.m.b. said...

Very much looking forward to the posts to follow. :)

cofisher said...

You seem a bit distracted Mike. I wonder why?