Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Touchdown in San Antonio

The tarmac touchdown in San Antonio was a bit heavy but it was "wheels down" so I guess I can't complain. When the captain blessed the resumption of electronic activity, I joined the chorus of cell phone startup chimes and found waiting the following text from my fishing buddy Chris who, along with Todd, was to be arriving an hour later from Salt Lake to begin our quest for Texas redfish.

Just a heads up… you may be driving this afternoon. Hope you’re not snuggled up to some floozy of a flight attendant and getting free drinks. We’ve already done that… so… have your driver’s license handy.

Followed shortly by:

Good news. The next is a dry flight! We’ll see you in a bit.

That SA landing might be just the beginning of the bumps.

Stick around for the ride. This could get interesting.

Note: I have no idea how he could make such a speculation regarding my deportment with the fine Southwest flight staff. No doubt it was just the bloody Mary(s) talking.

Another Note: Follow Chris' perspective on the trip at Eat More Brook Trout. But don't believe a word he says.


cofisher said...

Have a blast Mike & company.

Sanders said...

sounds like the starting of a fine adventure...or at the very least, a good John Hughes flick...stay safe my friend...ha!

Chris said...

Just one question ... what's healthier? A bloody mary, or a Mountain Dew?

Mike Sepelak said...

We did, Howard. A blast.

The Fishover. Now where did that piercing come from? Good call, Sanders.

You'll get no argument from me on that one, Chris. Addicted to the Dew.