Friday, May 4, 2012

Laguna Sunset

The end of the day, much like the end of our visit here on the upper Laguna Madre, comes all too quickly. I suspect it's not that the darkness falls fast, but rather that I've been enchanted by the light and failed to notice its approach. Good fishing and good times are like that.

My heartfelt thanks go out to Mike and Brandon and Jen for making this gathering possible (although each quickly defers any credit to the other two), to Thomas for putting us on the water in such devilishly high style, and to Austin for teaching us a thing or two about this saltwater haven and its residents. But for other plans, I'd have happily stayed all week. If they'd have had me.

But Chris and Todd and I are off to points south, to the lower regions of this magnificent piece of the water, towards our country's border with Mexico, to South Padre, to try our hand once again. But we leave this place with the desire to return, to reunite with this group of new friends, and to once again settle comfortably into the laid-back lifestyle of Bohemia, Texas.

Perhaps next time the redfish will see fit to join us.


Sanders said...

Cheers my friend!

those photos capture what it was all about...getting away and spending time with some good friends.

Good stuff.

Chris said...

Very nice... Now, for another continuous block of non-stop ...

Mike Sepelak said...

Absolutely right, Sanders. Time with good friends.

Can't wait to hear the rest, Chris. :-)