Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Photo Bin - July 2012

Time again for another set of the odds-and-ends that populate my monthly Photo Bins. They may not be particularly artistic or captivating (or in focus) and they don't fit any particular post or story. They are simply disparate shots taken during the past month that speak to me in some way - often I can't say exactly why - and I feel like sharing them.

The image above, for example: the oddities that stand in the front window of a neighbor's small home, photographed last weekend during the annual neighborhood sunflower contest. (Robin's won at a mere ten-foot-eight-inches. A tough year for good sunflowers.)

Why does this picture captivate me? I haven't a clue. But it does.

This one, of course, makes a little more sense. My buddy Bill finishing off a nice double-haul. It would have been even better finished had a puppy drum eaten it, but if you fly fish only to catch something, you're misguided. Sometimes the rhythm of a nice cast is as good as it gets.

From the same day. What you don't see in this shot are the bazillion-dollar beach homes that flank this lovely old vestige of the intercoastal past. Back when the salty edges didn't mean polish and flash. I miss those days and this place reminds me that I do.

Tomatoes. Lots of tomatoes. The new garden is overwhelming us with its abundance. Especially of tomatoes. Tomatoes everywhere. Tomatoes.

This odd shot is here because it's the first interesting image (to me, at least) that I have captured with my cell phone. I'm not into the the whole Instagram scene - not that my not-so-smart phone could manage it if I were. I tend to use my phone as, well, a phone. Okay, I text a bit. But I liked this picture, taken at the local watering hole one late evening. I suspect that a few pints of Red Oak probably helped in its composition.

No explanation needed here. The clothesline off the back deck supports a lot more than laundry. Such things are a large part of why we love it here.

And finally. It's been a difficult year, 2012, as we struggle with loss. But occasionally we are reminded that life has two realities - one as joyful as the other is devastating. Obviously, I didn't press the shutter on this one. Mary did. I had my hands full.

Thanks for your indulgence. These Bins are fun for me, if for nothing more than the review of what I've been up to the past few weeks.  And I appreciate those of you who don't mind coming along.

Note: Yes, for those who noticed, the Photo Bin is usually just a trio of pictures that speak to me. But, this month, my quirky photo catalog was especially chatty. Hope you don't mind.


Kirk Mantay said...

Love it.

M.A. Hughes said...

Those pics speak volumes to me too.

Mike Sepelak said...

Thanks, guys. I never know if these things are of any interest to others. But it's my blog... :-)

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing, my friend... particularly that last one.

e.m.b. said...

Believe it or not, I always look forward to these posts. They are of interest to others, Mike....very much so. Beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Its cliche, I know, but a picture really is worth 1000 words. more often than not a well done photo will trump a well written verse. love em.5

Mark Coleman said...

Can I have some of those tomatoes?

Mike Sepelak said...

Yes, Chris, that last one is pretty special.

I really appreciate that feedback, Erin. As always.

And my photography is more like 500 words, Seth, but your point is still valid. Thanks!

Absolutely, Mark. We're up to our ears in them.

Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

Most diffinitly not a bad bunch of pics.

Sanders said...

a wonderful bin we live in...good and bad.