Friday, May 10, 2013

Top Ten Baja Travel Tips - #2 and #1

Tip #2: It's not about the fishing. It's about the friends. So go with a good one.

A no brainer, here, but it's always worth reiterating. Share the adventure. Especially if you can do it with a fast friend, with a buddy that travels comfortably, and with someone who takes the ups and the downs at the same easy pace that you do. Someone who makes you laugh and makes you think. Someone with whom you enjoy sharing the road.

Thanks for a great trip, brother.

And finally....

Tip #1: Don't forget the bottle opener!

Note: For dissenting viewpoints on this excursion, see Chris' reports on the trip at Eat More Brook Trout, but be cognizant of the fact that he's a master with Photoshop - the only plausible explanation for some of his most questionable content.


Nancy said...

Why do you look like bandits? Were you over your limit? :)

Mike Sepelak said...

Limit? We don't need no steenkeeng limit. :-)