Friday, November 21, 2014

North and South

We rumble north, encased in our glass and our plastic and our steel
They travel south, clad only in feather and down

We crawl our concrete, gouged crudely into the earth to suit our desires
They ride the winds, following the invisible compass of generations

We tote our possessions as we have an insatiable need to acquire
They carry nothing; they need nothing, but each other

We motor, metered by mile and schedule and manifest
They soar, for the sun said the second was right

We go north, we are Lords of the planet, and we can
They go south, they are Impulse, and they must

North, we have conquered the season
South, they know only to embrace it

Oh, how we need to turn back


Mel said...

Mike, I enjoyed this piece. Always nice to take a moment and reflect on the directions we take in life.


Very nice. Life goes to fast sometimes and we don't take the time to reflect. Material things don't matter. People do.

Mike Sepelak said...

You're both right, Mel and Emily. An occasional reflection on our direction is imperative. Thanks!

Matt Smythe said...

This is a beautiful meditation, Mike.

Mike Sepelak said...

Thank you, Matt. Those are kind words coming from the fishing poet himself. Happy holidays, my friend.