Friday, November 28, 2014

The Photo Bin - November 2014

I'm still as bloated as a Macy's parade blimp (with nearly as much gas), the Lions avoided another Thanksgiving turkey, and the Cowboys got the giblets kicked out of them. All is right with the world.

As my brain is now muddled by tryptophan overload (the free-flowing aperitifs and after-dinner cordials, of course, have nothing to do with the haziness), the best I can do for the moment is to show a few pictures and call it a post. Yes, today I'm thankful for the Photo Bin.

Above, a picture of home. It's as warm and inviting as the image suggests. And inside it still smells of roasted turkey, fresh bread, and pumpkin pie. It don't get no better.

I add a couple more shots from my final Fall stroll. The woods were in full color when we left for a quick trip to the northlands and when we returned they were nothing but brown. As I'm still in a "painterly" mode, these abstracts speak to me of the season as much as any. Humor me.

And I appreciate the autumn images even more, having gotten my re-introduction to winter on our brief sojourn north. A quick iPhone shot, here, taken somewhere in Ohio during our return. Where exactly, I don't recall, but it's Ohio, for God's sake. Does it matter?

I'll catch Buckeye hell for that, I suppose.

But it feels good to be back home. And with that, I'll crawl back onto the couch to digest a bit more and leave the world outside to Black Friday themselves into a consumptive frenzy.

Good evening, my friends. I hope that your holiday was as delightful as mine.

What is a Photo Bin?


CARF said...

Beautiful home! If I didn't read, I would have thought that fall picture with the lake was a painting.

Looks like you took that Ohio shot on the Turnpike, but it doesn't matter, it's Ohio!

Mike Sepelak said...

Actually Justin, if memory serves (and it seldom does these days) the shot was taken along 35 somewhere between Chiliicothe and Gallipolis. But it could have been taken most anywhere from Chicago to Charleston. A dreary day to drive.

Mel said...

Mike, a stunningly, beautiful shot of your home sells all the comfort a family would need. Well done!

Ugh, Winter........................
Thanks for sharing.

Mike Sepelak said...

Thank you, Mel. Hope that all is well out your way.

Unknown said...

What time is dinner Mike?...I'm coming (-:

Mike Sepelak said...

Dinner begins promptly upon your arrival, JP. We look forward to your visit. :-)