Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Changes in Plan

After a long, hard day of sun, sand, and snorkling around, we hatched an ambitious plan. We'd swing by Zaco's Tacos for a blended mojito, hit the small island grocery for a few basic supplies, then wander on down to Soldado Beach to catch the Caribbean sunset.

Yes. That would work.

First step accomplished, no problem. But after the refreshment we reassessed and agreed to a modification of the plan. We'd, instead, swing by the Dinghy Dock for a second drink, skip the grocery, and catch the sunset at Soldado, last minute.

Yes. That would work.

Second libation consumed, and a final change in plan emerged. We'd have a third, skip the grocery, and catch the sunset in the morning.

Yes. That would definitely work.


Anonymous said...

I like morning sunsets.

Clif said...

Keep drinking, you'll have to be upside down in time to see the morning sunset.

Mike Sepelak said...

Exactly, Ken and Clif! Obviously, you've been there.

Anonymous said...

I plead the fifth.

Or is that A fifth.