Friday, March 27, 2015

The Photo Bin - March 2015

And so it ends, this glut of posts, this daily barrage from the islands. Truth be told, it's been a very deliberate effort to kickstart my sputtering creative engine and to get myself back on the writing road. I hope you haven't minded the onslaught. But enough is enough, even for me, so let's close this adventure out with this month's photo bin.

Above, Paul does his morning meditation and stretching on the ground floor of our small San Juan rental. Photography is all about light and this hour's was amazing. Add the tranquility of Paul's quiet reflection and this shot speaks to me of nothing less than a solitary peace - broken only by some idiot snapping pictures in the back.

Outside was another matter. Bright colors and busy signs, augmented with interesting stickerage, bring an energy and quirky potential to this place, this Old San Juan, even first thing in the morning.

The same is true on Culebra and, I suppose, a great deal of this part of the world. There's a playfulness in the palates and materials used that doesn't dim with age. Quite the opposite, it's enhanced.

A shot, here, of how we spent many of our evenings. A quiet dinner on the deck overlooking the bay. Good friends, good food, good times. Not missing the snow in the least.

This trip was not about fishing. It was about spending some good island time with Mary and friends. But just so I don't totally lose my fishing blog status, I did wet a line on a morning or two. Pricked a few bonefish, stalked some tailing permit (picky bastards), and chased a pod of jack crevalle all over Fulladoza's north shore. Had too much fun (and frustration) to take many pictures, but I must say an enthusiastic thank you to the island's guide, Chris Goldmark, for a fine time and his excellent direction while on Culebra. He knows where they are and he knows how to catch them.

I hope that the winds settled down for you, my friend. They usually do once I'm gone.

But in time you look forward to home. A small plane jump from the island. An octet of us, strategically seated for the best weight distribution. Mary sat in the front, lucky girl, while my back row companion provided the perfect silhouette. She was flying home to Boston after a week in the sun so you can pretty well guess what's going on under that hat of hers.

Finally, I can't close the book on this excursion without a monstrous thanks to our good neighbors, friends, and traveling companions, Alicia and Paul. It was their impetus to take the trip and the push that Mary and I needed to step out of our norms. Their knowledge of the island and the landscape helped make it the joy that it was and we're blessed to have such good folks in our everyday lives.

Thanks, guys. The trip was spectacular.

And the mojitos weren't bad either.

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Steven Brutger said...

Looks like a great trip! These are some of my favorite images of yours. Well done and thanks for sharing!

Mike Sepelak said...

Thanks for that, Steve, and a great compliment coming from a such a talented photographer. I appreciate it.

cofisher said...

Thanks for the tour back to our regularly scheduled fishing.

Mike Sepelak said...

Amen to that, Howard. Time to get to it.

CARF said...

Thanks, for sharing your trip, Mike. It's a nice mental escape until Winter releases us from her grasp.

Mike Sepelak said...

You're welcome, Justin. It was my pleasure. And hopefully that grasp grows looser by the day now.