Monday, March 14, 2016

St. Augustine Textures

The tourists gave me a wide berth, changing sides of the street as they approached. Like I was crazy or something. Mothers gathered small children tight to their legs, hurrying them along the sidewalk to get past without making eye contact. Mary walked ahead with that determined "never saw him before in my life" stride that I've come to know so well.

All understandable, I suppose, considering I was facing relatively blank walls, inches away, intently focusing my camera on nothing. That's how they saw it, anyway. But I didn't notice as I was digging the textures.

St. Augustine is quite possibly the oldest city in the US. The climate is fantastic, the architecture's fascinating, and this particular evening's light was perfect. We had stopped for dinner and a quick overnight at an old-town B&B, breaking up the drive from home to Key West, and wandered along St. George Street to work the kinks out of our driving legs. Camera in hand, I became fascinated with the old walls (and probably a few that were just made to look old).

Old or faux, I was captured. So here's what came of that stroll. Pictures of nothing.

I might add, one night's not enough in St. Aug. We'll definitely go back and spend a few additional days as there's plenty to explore. History, architecture, gastronomy...

...and, most importantly, a lot more walls for the crazy man to stare at.


Leigh said...

I grew up in Jacksonville, and still make it down to St. A every few years. It is a great city and a lot of fun.

Mike Sepelak said...

It was my first visit, Leigh. It won't be my last. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Chance sometimes creates art....great pics Mike.

Mike Sepelak said...

ALL my art is chance, JP. ;-)

RichPB said...

One night (or day) is definitely NOT enough. After many short visits, I still long for an extended time in St. Augs. A mandatory and enjoyable visit with sister-in-law and family is part of it, but then walk away for personal time with one of the nicest towns in the US.