Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Photo Bin - February 2016

Feast or famine, here at the bin. Last month, almost nothing. This month, there's Abaco.

It's a fitting way to end the barrage of Bahamian posts that I've subjected you to, here of late. Hopefully, Spring's finding its way to your doorsteps and you no longer need these palm tree and bonefish fixes to start the thaw. Besides, you're probably tired of them by now. And I suppose that I, too, need to move on lest I get stuck forever in dreamy remembrances of paradise. It's time to come back to earth.

So a few final images from Abaco. A handful from around the lodge and the flats that, in true Photo Bin fashion, have no context but I thought I'd share just the same.

It's how things work around here.

So, be like my little lizard friend here and get out on the deck to find some sunshine, some Spring paradise of your own, and we'll see what next month brings to the Bin.

Feast or famine.

What is a Photo Bin?


Unknown said...

Sweet work as usual Mike. You lucky rascal!

Fontinalis Rising said...

I always enjoy your pics.

Blake said...

Love the shot of Marty! Walked many a flat with him in Cherokee.

Mike Sepelak said...

Marty's a hoot, Blake. Bonefish Dundee.


Salt reels are so cool. Still looking forward to a salt water trip someday... =)

Mike Sepelak said...

They sure are, Emily! And this Nautilus NV-G design is especially cool, what with the backing exposed for better drying.

And it's very cool when you need your backing to dry. Bonefish will do that to you. :-)