Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Photo Bin - July 2016

I'm afraid that there's not much photographic evidence to prove that July actually happened this year. It was a lost month in any number of ways. Summer sat heavily on us, crushing most days into dust. Routine ruled. We were out before the sun rose above the tree line to care for the garden and spring plantings, to do the minimum to keep the wilderness at bay, then retreated into the house for the remainder of the day to escape the heat.

You'd think a lot would get done indoors, but somehow it didn't. We piddled. I noodled around with the guitar and Mary bent some reed into her beautiful basket creations. We read, though not nearly enough. We found our way to the pond for the occasional mid-day float, but at times it was bathwater and far from refreshing. We exercised. Some.

Bottom line, we let a month pass us by. I guess that was better than letting it burn us to the ground.

Fishing, predictably suffered. If we weren't comfortable in the water, imagine how the fish felt. I let them be, though they'd have probably ignored me anyway. The only outing of significance was a trip out to Falls Lake to chase some carp with my buddy Tbone. We managed one. And by we, of course, I mean he, though I poled a pretty mean Gheenoe to get us in and out of a tight space for it.

So this month's photo bin is but a single image, from that day on Falls, and you're lucky to get that.

My apologies.

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Guy Franzen said...

Beggars can't be choosers

Tbone said...

By "me" it was actually "we" since you were poling the Gheenoe.

Mike Sepelak said...

I hear ya, Guy. And we STILL need to share a stream.

If you insist, T. Good times.

CathyB said...

July was indeed nasty, Mike. Is that an invasive aquatic weed choking the channel in your photo? It certainly looks invasive.

Mike Sepelak said...

Probably invasive, though I don't know one from the other. If I get back out there any time soon, I'll get a better picture and send it your way for some expert analysis.

And yes, July sucked.