Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fine Dining on the Arkansas

I'm normally a catch and release fisherman, but we decided to hang on to a few keepers during one day of our Arkansas River outing. A simple fillet, a little batter, an 18" cast iron skillet, an open fire, and you just don't get any better Colorado eatin'. Add a little Jack D. and we were in high plains heaven.

It's been almost two years since I made this trip and I can still smell the fish frying every time I see this picture. My good friend Don invited me to join him and his long time fishing buddy, Jim, for a week at his cabin, sitting just east of the Collegiate Range. We spent a week chasing browns and 'bows in the Arkansas River, within spitting distance of Don's back deck, my first Colorado experience.

I had just picked up a fly rod back then and fishing in Colorado I felt like I was playing Chopsticks in Carnegie Hall. I fished like it too. But, despite my ineptitude and my companion's laments that the river had not dropped as low as they had expected for mid-September, I had a great experience. I only caught a handful that week, but each was a thing of beauty, stout and strong, and it sold me forever on this beautiful sport.

Thanks Don!!!!

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