Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fox Den - Part 2

We set up the creekside blind with the best of intentions. We figured we’d drop it in, leave it empty over the long Memorial Day weekend so mom and the kits could get used to it, and by Tuesday we could settle in and get some great pictures of the red fox litter as they came and went. So we dropped the blind on Thursday and Juan and I headed out of town.

I went south to play in a soccer tournament in Charleston and Juan went west to photograph waterfalls near Brevard. I returned home with my leg in a cast and Juan returned to a s**t storm at work. The sad facts are that the blind went empty for a couple of weeks, the kits grew up, moved on, and we got no pictures.

So, in atonement, I offer these photos that Juan took of last spring’s gray fox litter that had taken over the space under another of our neighbor’s tool shed steps. Such is the cycle of things around here. You can’t be too sad about missing something wild and wonderful because the next one is just over the ridge. This year’s kits may be grown and gone, but any day now we should start seeing the new crop of whitetail fawns emerge from their neonatal hiding places. Few of God's creatures are any cuter, though the little guy below is pretty precious. You can almost see him thinking "Now where's that henhouse Mom told me about?".

For more info on Juan’s photography, go to his website, Wild Nature Photo.

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