Sunday, June 14, 2009

The New Bluebirds

Day 1 - June 10th
This little guy couldn't have been more than a couple hours old and was awaiting the arrival of his four siblings. Mom had already cleared out the broken egg shell pieces and the proud parents have been all over the bluebird box today.

Day 2 - June 11th
They're all here now. Nice little afros, don't you think?

Day 5 - June 14th
Growing fast, filling up the nest. And hungry...

Day 8 - June 17th
Starting to see feathers, particularly in the wings. I couldn't get them to raise their heads as they were seriously hunkered down. I expect that the Coopers hawk that I had just scared off their box might have had something to do with it.

Day 12 - June 21st

They are starting to look like birds. And the nest is getting smaller and smaller..

And here's breakfast trying to escape the premises.

Day 16 - June 25th

Now we're starting to see blue in the bluebirds. These guys may just be fledging before too long.

Day 19 - June 28th

Well, the last statement was prophetic. The little blues have fledged. I went out for what I expected to be one last look but they had already flown the coop. I had hoped to watch then be coaxed from the box, but they got away unobserved. Despite the disappointment, it has been a pleasure watching them grow and I hope they return to the box, as parents, and repeat the process for years to come.

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