Friday, August 5, 2011

Cruisin' Big

Cruisin' in the boat
In the big ol'e hoopty ragtop Eighty-eight from another time and another place
Outward into that wide, wonderful Wyoming expanse
Big hats and big skies and big dreams
And doin' it, of course, in big style

It's all big out here


Sanders said...

It was a rag top day for sure.

Travis said...

well said mike, and glad to hear the fevers gone

cofisher said...

You've got it right...when are you moving out?

Mike Sepelak said...

Indeed it was, Sean. Indeed it was.

Thanks Travis. I'm on the mend and back on the water tomorrow. Virginia smallies, look out!

Howard, why would I need to move out there when I have friends that would let me crash on their couches at a moment's notice???

cofisher said...

Ah! But do they offer you female companionship?

Mike Sepelak said...

Howard, I wouldn't touch that line with a ten foot sleeper sofa. But thanks for the giggle.