Monday, November 14, 2011

A Departing Perspective

There's a line in an old Trace Adkins country western song, expressing an unabashed admiration of a certain young honky-tonk patron's "departing perspective", that goes:

We hate to see her go
But love to watch her leave

It's exactly how Troy and I felt - minus, of course, the lasciviousness - as we worked our way off the down-east salt marshes on which we'd just spent a fine Carolina autumn day chasing speckled trout.

With the setting sun on our stern and a full moon rising off our bow, we hated for the fishing day to end but we loved watching the magnificence of its passage.

It may seem an odd place - the end - to start a handful of posts on my trip to the intercoastal but the excursion's closing images remain strong in my consciousness. Besides, like Mr. Adkins, I, too, have always been drawn to a nice departing perspective.

Hush my mouth.


Steve Zakur said...

Beautiful photos, Mike. Sometimes the end is the beginning. I certainly feel that way about a recent Steelhead trip.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous captures of your sunsets on the water, Mike. I'm so glad you came out into the light, as it were... very nice to meet you and read your blog. :)

cofisher said...

Very nicely said Mike...very nice.

Sanders said...

Looking forward to the rewind...good stuff my friend. Cheers!

Kirk Mantay said...

The SC salt marshes are one of my favorite places in the world. The photos took me back to some great memories and even greater dreams. Thanks Mike.