Tuesday, August 13, 2013


It had been baptized in Floridian salt just a few miles from its birthplace, but there’s something special about putting the new boat into home waters for the first time; adding a bit of spice to the old stompin' grounds and seeing the flats that you've come to know from a fresh new perspective, perched high on the polling platform of a shiny new skiff.

You couldn't have knocked the grin from Troy's face with a two-by-four.

So we skipped along the NC IC, trolled the creeks, poled the skinny water, and got out and pushed when in less than six inches. We put the first oyster bed scrapes on the bottom, nudged a dock or two, and talked about where to stage the stickpin, place a fly patch, fashion an icebox.

And, yes, we tossed a few flies and chased a few reds, but that wasn't particularly important. This weekend was all about the boat. It was all about the bonding.


Troy said...

Thanks for going with me, you'er good company. And that was a nice way of saying we got skunked!

Mike Sepelak said...

Now that could have stayed between you, I, and the boat, Troy. And thanks for the invitation. I had a mighty fine time, as always.

Tom Chandler said...

"You couldn't have knocked the grin from Troy's face with a two-by-four."

Journalistic integrity requires me to ask if you ever actually tried.

Mike Sepelak said...

Since when did "journalistic integrity" factor into anything that you do, Tom?

But to answer the question, no. I did send a clouser or two pretty close, however.

Feather Chucker said...

I'm glad you got a chance to go out with Troy. He's good people and one of the best fishermen I have ever met.

Mike Sepelak said...

I've been fishin' with Troy for years, Kevin, and your assessment is spot on.