Monday, November 10, 2014


I am worn thin by loss, translucent

I gleen no great lessons from death
Stand impotent in the face of it
For I am a simple man

I have no profound input
No wisdom learned from the years
No prescribed belief system from which to draw well-honed homilies
No symbols
Nothing that speaks to what comes next

All I know is that we return to the earth
And while that’s comfort enough for me
Most wish for more

I have, then, but one thing to offer
A simple thing
That your memory lives on within me
And moves forward, as it is the only direction I know

So before I, too, return to the earth
I promise
To be a vessel within which your memory rests serenely

A vessel, translucent
So that others might see you in me

To all those we have loved and have lost. But today, to Jan, friend and neighbor, kindred spirit, the usualest of Suspects, weaver of things, reed and friends intertwined, who fought the hard fight 'til the die was cast, then accepted, returned to the woods, and lived the remainder of her days on her own terms.


Unknown said...

Mike- Sorry for your loss. I see you, Jan, godspeed.

Gardensongs said...

your words, photos, and beautiful life help to ease the pain.

Hope said...

Beautiful words. Thank you Mike.

Unknown said...

We are all simple in the face of loss.
Much love, my brother.

BobWhite said...

Sorry for your loss, Mike.

You're a good man...

Mike C.W. said...

Beautiful tribute. Very sorry for your loss.

Mike Sepelak said...

Thank you, everyone, for your gentle words of condolence and support. They are much appreciated.