Thursday, August 11, 2011

Iconic Waters

It takes gut-wrenching discipline – that, or incredible stupidity – to gaze upon iconic trout waters and not race wildly back to the car to rig up one’s 5wt. But that’s how we found ourselves as we entered Yellowstone early Saturday morning with the intention to scoot through the park ahead of the tourist traffic. The plan would get us to our Montana destination with some time to spare, but doomed us to little more than longing glances at streams we’ve dreamt of since we were tiny fisherlings.

And while the variety of terrain in Yellowstone is mesmerizing, it was the waters that captivated our attention and imagination. The names alone are poetry to the fly angler.

The Snake
Lewis Lake and Lewis River
De Lacy Creek

Nez Perce and Fairy Creeks
Gibbon River

The Madison

And this was just a swing through the southeast corner of the place.

Add to these the myriad of picturesque small pools that dot the Divide, reflecting their settings like mystical mirrors, and you have a fisherman’s dream. As frustrating as it was to simply observe these inspiring waters, it did tie up yet another of the loose ends in our week’s itinerary. Next Tuesday, to that point undefined, would be spent back here in the park…

… rigging up the 5wt.


Unknown said...


Really looking forward to your journey, and how it goes. Keep up the blogging.

Steve Zakur said...

I spent a week in the Yellowstone vicinity with the family last year. Only one day was dedicated to fishing though we did string up a rod a couple of times when a break left us by the water. The variety and quantity of water in that park does disorient one. It's the old kid in a candy store thing (with Grizzly Bears). Stunning photos.

HighPlainsFlyFisher said...

I applaud your self-control while surrounded by the holy grail of trout fishing locations. I think Steve described it best , I'd be just like a little kid in a candy store!! Beautiful pics...Jeff

Chris said...

I sit here drooling at the pictures of such an incredible place. I'd be literally shakin' with anticipation at the waters edge there.

Great pics.

Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

I'm with Jeff, I'd probably be so excited I'd run square into a tree and knock myself out cold.

cofisher said...

I'm with Kevin...I'd knock myself out. Beautiful and really told well. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it ends.

AZWanderings said...

Beautiful photos Mike. Very jealous...


Mike Sepelak said...

I'm with you guys. It was hard not run into a tree with so much tugging at your eyes. I just hope I can do the scene justice.