Monday, September 2, 2013

Haunted By Waters

Flying down the gauntlets of corn
Subie fire through Indiana heat
Sketch monsters lie in wait in the weeds
But we race on, haunted by waters

Dead smells waft from upstream haunts
Stories of cadavers found
Not so sure that we wish to know
But we wade on, haunted by waters

Mormon kings that pushed their luck
Burnt-tailed snakes, ash, then alive
Two-o’clock traffic in one light towns
Oddities, all, but we’re haunted by waters

Chartreuse craft, smallies tough as nails
Unzipped through pitbull fight and Hoosier spunk
Goddam a barbless hook
Disappointed, but still haunted by waters

A perfect day on heartland flow
Summer’s end in the best of company
And the Heart’s ink says it all

I am haunted by waters

Deep appreciation to my buddy Dave for taking a day to show me his Indiana home waters. Do yourself a favor and check out the hugely entertaining photography, music, flies, and general alt joie de vivre at his blog, Pile Cast.

And a nod, of course, to Norman Maclean's
A River Runs Through It for the title and thread that pulls this all together, neatly tattooed, in case you didn't notice, on Dave's left bicep.


reviveflyfishing said...

very cool Mike. Dave is a cool guy and good to see yall got into some fish.

Mike Sepelak said...

Dave's definitely a cool guy. It was a great day in all respects.