Friday, September 6, 2013

The Photo Bin - August 2013

Allow me, if you will, to interrupt my summer-ending swing through the northern heartland so that I might sneak in an August photo bin. Got to keep the string alive, if you know what I mean.

It's been a tough summer on the garden. Our meteorologicals simply haven't been playing according to Hoyle. Even the sunflowers, hardy as they are, didn't measure up. Our nine-foot best was easily outclassed in the neighborhood sunflower contest by an entry twice its height (though Kitty apologized to everyone as her winner was actually a volunteer at the edge of the woods). Luckily, the tiger swallowtails didn't begrudge us our diminutive stalks and were around in great numbers; the only bumper crop of the year.

And as scrawny as the garden was, the deer still coveted it. Good fences make good neighbors so they had to be content mowing my grass for me. What little we have...

Change of subject. I am not a big fan of the selfie. They seem a bit vain, but perhaps that's just me. So it's odd that I turned the camera around for this shot and odder still that it amuses me. And I'm not exactly sure why I like it. Maybe it's the goofy grin. Maybe the floppy hat. Maybe that it's in my happy place on home waters. But mostly, I suspect, it's because of the tilted horizon which I know will make my buddy Chris crazy.

Yeah. That's it.

And speaking of happy places, we found one on Bald Head Island last month. A few days on the beach with the usual suspects was just what the doctor ordered. Here's Sam holding down the fort while the rest walked the beach. Good man, that Sam.

And watching the "stuff" is hard work so he retired back to the house for a little reading, a leisurley nap, and an escape from the evening's noseeums, snugly ensconced in his hammock.

Of course, we had some rain. What stay at the beach would be complete without it? And honestly, there's not much better than sitting on the porch watching it fall. A total and guilt-free capitulation to doing absolutely nothing.

As if I needed an excuse.

Well, thanks for your indulgence and your patience. Time to get back across the Mackinaw and return to the adventure.



cofisher said...

Nice going uh...Mike, that's it, Mike. Sorry I had to check that picture of you again.

Mike Sepelak said...

Yep. That be me, Howard.